Road Rash

Classic Motorcycle Combat Racing


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  • Category Racing games
  • Program license Free
  • Version 1.0
  • Works under: Windows 7
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Papyrus Design Group, Inc.

Classic Motorcycle Combat Racing

Road Rash is the original title by Electronic Arts that debuted initially on the Sega Genesis in the early 90s. You play as an unnamed racer who goes up against several competitors to reach the finish line first. Two distinct differences from other racing titles set Road Rash apart. First, instead of closed-circuit tracks, you'll navigate long stretches of two-lane California highway complete with tight turns, traffic, and elevation changes. The second notable difference with Road Rash is that slamming into your opponents and even swinging weapons to knock them off their bikes is encouraged. Remember that this is classic Road Rash, so don't expect the same flashy visuals found in today's titles.

No Rules is the Rule

Just like any racing game, the object of Road Rash is to win 1st place, which allows you to advance and collect money. Initially, the game offers you a very low-rated bike that lacks speed and durability. However, one of the driving forces for players to advance is to upgrade and purchase higher-end motorcycles. As you progress, an upgraded bike becomes necessary to keep up with the other opponents, who gradually get tougher with each race. You can enhance your bike's speed, steering, and weight for not only racing but also vehicular combat as well.

If you're not ready to race and fend off opponents' physical attacks, Road Rash may be extra challenging at first. Riders can punch, kick, and slam into each other, causing opponents to tumble off their bikes and have to start from a stop. To win, you must also play dirty and employ tactics like kicking other riders into traffic, knocking them off their bike, and more.

Along the way, weapons like clubs and chains are introduced, which are even more effective at striking opponents. You must watch your bike's damage meter during each race, as these attacks will take a toll on your ride. If your damage meter fully depletes, you lose the race and must restart. Your budget also takes a hit as you must continually repair the damage you've received during the race, so pick your battles carefully.

Watch Out for Cops

As if traffic, winding roads, and aggressive opponents weren't enough, you also must worry about the police. You may come across police motorcycles and pass by law enforcement stations during the course of the race. If you wreck or allow your bike to slow down too much trying to avoid the cops, you'll be arrested and required to pay a fine to continue.


  • A unique combination of racing and combat
  • Upgrades and new bike models offer a variety
  • Excellent early 90's grunge rock music


  • Basic visuals that look dated
  • Mature content may be too much for some
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